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NOTICE: For Current Lead time check with Us.

At P3, we specialize in building award winning target rifles.  We also perform general repairs, custom projects, and special modifications. Whatever your needs may be, we work with every individual to achieve the best possible result on your unique project.  

We would be happy to discuss your next project with in the following areas.

  • Super Precision Target Rifles
  • Bolt Guns
  • Design Consultation
  • Blue-Printing
  • Bedding
  • Custom Builds
  • Ultra-light Hunting Rifles
  • Safety Checks
  • General Gunsmith Work
  • Repairs
  • Action Work
  • Custom Parts


The video above shows a short clip of our chamber flush system in action. In this setup, coolant is forced from the muzzle end to the breech end.

Not only does this create an ideal environment for reaming a perfect chamber, it also helps to chamber barrels more efficiently by removing the chips as you are machining. The life of our tool is also increased by lubricating the cutting edge and removing the heat from the area during the reaming operation.