Thank you for your interest in our expander mandrel die. Below you will find a bit of information about the collet system that we have put together that should answer most of your questions.
The die body is available in the “short” version for cartridge cases up to 2.1″ in length such as 308 Win., and the “long” version which is for cartridge cases over 2.1″ in length. The die body with collet nut is $85 and is not caliber specific. An extra die body without the collet nut can be purchased for $55. This die system can be used on cases as short as the 6BR through the Remington Ultra Mag. With careful setup the “long” version may be used for the .338 Lapua case. This system uses precision collets that are commonly used to hold milling cutters and drills in the machining industry. The die body is parkerized for corrosion resistance.

Collets are $25 each and generally you need 1 per caliber but some sizes will work for multiple calibers. The common collet size ranges are:

4-5mm – .157” to .197”
5-6mm – .197″ to .236″
6-7mm – .236″ to .276″
7-8mm – .276” to .315”
8-9mm – .315” to .354”
9-10mm – .354” to .394”

The Mandrel pins are made from 2 ” long precision hardened steel pin gauges. One end of the pin will be tapered and polished. They are $10 each, available in .0005″ increments, and can be had in either “PLUS” (+.0002″/-0) or “MINUS” (-.0002″/+0) tolerance. Most customers settle on pins that are around .001″ to .002″ under the bullet diameter to achieve their desired neck tension. There is a 20% discount on the pins if you order (4) or more.

Die body split lock rings are available if needed for $5 each.

Shipping and handling will be $10 domestic. International orders will be charged actual shipping charges + $10.

To place an order please send us an E-mail or give us a call. Please have the collet and pin sizes that you would like along with your shipping address and payment information handy. We will contact you before shipping. Should you have any further questions please don’t hesitate to give us a call.

Thank you!

Kenneth D. Porter
Porter’s Precision Products, LLC
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